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Monday, 07 November 2011 05:22

Our objective at motoristIQ is to facilitate and support a new way of vehicle purchasing. What that looks like will depend on the input of our valued users, and the will of forward-thinking dealers and manufacturers.

Redressing the balance

mIQ's compass is directed toward a new industrial model of clarity and openness. The conventional environment is too often shrouded in mystery and antagonism. It carries the taint of a more adversarial time when there were winners and losers in the marketplace. Our goal is to sweep all that away, allowing for fair and informed transactions. We educate both the consumer and the dealer/manufacturer to raise the bar in the consumer experience.

motoristIQ pledges to educate

Knowledge is the first step in fairness. Automobiles operate at the forefront of technology. This has always been the case, from our mechanical past, and is even more so in the electronic age. Fuel sources, governmental and environmental regulations, and safety concerns only add to the confusion. Consumers are expected to have a working understanding beyond the scope of the average person. The industry tries to simplify the information, but that often just obscures the fundamentals of purchasing. MIQ aims to ensure that the key areas behind the deal are understood.

Fairness is a 2-way street. While we may appear to favour the buyer, we do so because we believe the consumer's interests should be the focus. The showroom can be an antagonistic place with the dealer often holding all the cards. Our objective is not to simply swap antagonisms. Rather, we are capturing the essence of a new marketplace, a process ensuring that everyone signs off on a deal that both parties can be happy with. Dealers are honest business people and deserve to be respected as such. motoristIQ will serve both parties in the process.

Building a better dealership

Customer satisfaction should be the key differentiator for any dealership. At MIQ we work with dealers to help them identify areas for improvement. The processes, people and the systems in place must harmonize if the dealership is to run efficiently. Without that, the customer suffers, followed by the dealer's bottom line.

Building a better dealership means more than simply aligning the internal processes. We live in a consumer culture that should form the basis of any corporate philosophy. Gone are the days when dealers were in the driver's seat, directing what customers can and must know. Customers know what they are looking for and know what they expect. Meeting customers where they are in their knowledge and intention is critical to that relationship. Trust and mutual respect are integral to adapting appropriate processes. 

MIQ's consultative and implementation programs are designed around the characteristics specific to your dealership. Our goal in this is to identify challenges, devise corrective programs, and to monitor their implementation. In working this way, we assure that each dealership is optimized for maximum success in their given market.


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