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Who We Are

Thursday, 03 November 2011 07:22

We care about your next deal. We want you to be fairly treated by a dealer with realistic profit expectations. If you are a dealer, we want you to be fairly compensated for the essential work that you do. Your customers are your neighbours and family members. The quality of your customer service is personal.

We want you to be informed. Knowledge is power and we want you to use it fairly.

Your next vehicle should lift you up, not just move you forward. It's a lifestyle choice and you only have one life. Choose wisely.

motoristIQ is a marketplace advisory, located in the Edmonton area. With your contributions, we guide the traditional automotive industry as it evolves into a broader, personal mobility mandate. Built around a community of automotive consumers, industry professionals, business consultants, and marketing professionals, we are committed to adapting the buying process with consumer satisfaction at the forefront. 

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