The automobile industry is adapting to a new marketplace. Would you buy a vehicle online? If not, why not? We want to hear from you.

The Automotive Supply Chain is Changing

The past 25 years have taught us a lot about adaptation. Remember pay phones? Rooftop aerials and TV channels in the single digits? What about record stores and video rental outlets? They've all gone the way of the horse-drawn carriage. Each was a standard in its day, but the march of technology meant that a better way had come along. Disruption is all the buzz these days as once dominant industries are humbled by the need to adapt.

The automotive industry is less than 130 years old. Born out of a major paradigm shift (the automated assembly line), it has integrated numerous new technologies along the way. Some have been evolutionary refinements, while others were revolutionary. Many were adaptations to the product, while others were efficiencies in the manufacture and distribution of the product. The corporate titans that grew out of the industry defined the standards that determined and controlled how vehicles were made, bought and sold. As much as we have benefited from this structure, we have also been subject to it. Today, consumer access to information is driving a wedge into that monolithic control. The automotive industry is entering a new and exciting era. 

Build Your Own Buying Experience

Are you ready to drive the change? The traditional path of manufacturer-dealer-consumer is undergoing a shake up. Consumers are key influencers in how the new marketplace will roll out.

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