What's making news now, and what exciting releases are on the horizon. The auto industry is fundamental to our lives. Changes there affect all of us, and your consumer voice is an important influencer. Let us know your thoughts.

All Roads Lead to the Auto Industry

The only thing moving faster than the hottest street rod is the industry that produced it. The automotive industry is fundamental to our economy and our individual lifestyles. To that end, it is so much more than getting from Point A to Point B.

At MIQ, we track and report on industry movements and the trends influencing how the business works. Our analyses are configured to inform you, putting you in the best position to influence how the evolution plays out. If the auto industry is fundamental to society, it is critical that you have a seat at the table; otherwise, the new business will be defined by consumer behaviour, rather than consumer wants.


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Get insider knowledge on how the automotive retail industry works. Learn about the forces controlling the dealers' decision-making processes? See the world from their side of the desk. Manage your interests intelligently by understanding vehicle selection, warranties, finance options, and market trends.

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Our vehicles define us; they are an extension of ourselves, and they represent us in our communities. At motoristIQ, we call that MIQmmunity. Create a profile on our social network and start sharing your motoring story with other, like-minded members. Consult the MIQ Forum and build your automotive knowledge through the power of others.

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Retailing has changed radically over recent years. Consumers have more control than ever. The automotive industry has been slow to relinquish control to its buyers. By polling our members, we will be able to put forward programs to assist the transition to a consumer-centric buying model. Be sure to take the time to share your preferences and experience through the Sidebar Surveys.

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