Majestic mountains, expansive plains, cosmopolitan cities, rugged foothills, and the gateway to the north all add up to pretty crazy driving conditions.

One size does not fit all

You can't always judge a road by the season. Geography, regional and micro-climates, and time of day can all be critical factors. What's good for the corporate commuter is a world apart from the soccer mom and the rig worker.

On the road, off-road: know your limits

There are numerous considerations made each day by Canadian drivers prior to departing for a journey of any length. We take for granted the catalogue of knowledge required to negotiate survival in the dead of winter. Just ask any recent immigrant from a temperate climate. Life on Mars can seem a smaller step than that made by an Sudanese family in coming to a Nordic country like Canada.  

Layer on to this the reality that vehicles today are remarkably reliable. This may come as a surprise to someone whose principle ride is an 18-year old rattletrap that will only start when facing downhill. Sure, there are anomalies. But the truth is that with multi-year warranties, near maintenance-free concerns, and a robust support infrastructure, we do not have the same driving concerns faced by our grandparents back in the day.

Still, the diversity of our seasons and driving conditions, on- and off-road, means our driver knowledge needs to be of a higher order. MIQ includes this area of awareness in our driver education streams. For current updates, subscribe and make MIQ your network to know-how.


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