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Top Issues Facing Autonomous Driving

Written by  Thursday, 07 January 2016 12:34
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TU Automotive Detroit 2016 will bring together big thinkers from across the auto manufacturing space. Hot on the menu will be investigations into autonomous driving and the implications and opportunities this evolution will bring.

Development of the infrastructure and technologies to support autonomous driving are not just advancing, they are accelerating beyond anyone's initial expectations. Over a relatively few short months, the public discussion of "driverless cars" has moved from a languid skepticism to something akin to frantic anticipation. This is no longer science fiction. The general public is starting to realize how much of the necessary utility already exists. Organizations like TU Automotive are doing much to align the many disparate sectors needed to make this fundamental shift in our transportation sensibility work. 

With this in mind, five heads of connected car divisions within some of the major manufacturing players were asked what they saw as the two top considerations faced in this move to make it real. 

Mike Bell - Global Connected Car Director, Jaguar/Land Rover 

1. Cyber Security

2. High-speed Connectivity


Chris Hurting - Head of Connected Car, Mercedes Benz 

1. Bridging the gap between on-board and off-board experiences

2. Delivery of appropriate services to enhance the "driver"/rider experience


Roger Giralt - Head of Connected Car, SEAT 

1. Digitalization of onboard services

2. Personalization of the content experience


Pierre Masai - VP and CIO, Toyota Motors Europe 

1. Machine Learning

2. Evolving Societal Opportunities


Peter Frans Pauwels - Co-founder and Head of Product Innovation, TomTom Management Board 

1. Pace of technological advancements

2. Massive data management


The considerations are definitely wide-ranging; everything from the fundamental concerns of a stable operational environment, to appropriate and suitably enhanced user experiences. All the most intelligent AI in the world will be for naught if network security is compromised. Failsafes and overrides in these instances must be seamless. The fact that networked AI provides, in effect, a single, universal learning brain is profound in its implications. This is matched only by the magnitude of the bandwidth, throughput and massive data management undertaking.

As daunting as that continues to seem, the allure of a world liberated from having to pilot a vehicle remains attractive. Calculate the time you currently spend behind the wheel. Let us know what would you do with that extra time? 


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