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Written by  Saturday, 12 December 2015 09:22
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Today's the day Winter driving started in Edmonton. Hang on to your window scrapers everyone. This could get ugly.

It looks like today’s the day. Every year there's a particular moment when the blinkers come off and the winter driving season starts in earnest. This year we made it deep into November before any snowfall of significance. Today, however, we’re slated to receive 15cms. It’s our first shovel-worthy amount. Along with it come the crazy roads.

Even snow veterans have to take a moment to adjust. Pity the poor New Canadians who’ve never experienced snow. Actually, we should pity all of us while the newbies get their ice legs. It’s that part of the year when we all have to be more patient and considerate than usual. 

Meanwhile, taking a course is advisable. The AMA offers a few, including online versions. While that may sound convenient, if you’ve never driven on snow and ice, I highly recommend an actual road course. Also, review the mIQ article, “Buying Right for the Conditions”.

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