How to Buy a Vehicle

QuoteSmart Puts Auto Buyers in Driver's Seat

You asked for help with your vehicle purchasing. MIQ is pleased to announce Best Deals' Quote Smart™, real purchase price numbers for effective negotiating.


How to Buy a Vehicle

7 Reasons Why You Buy - or Not

People tend to believe that there are numerous reasons why they choose not to buy a new vehicle. It may come as a surprise to learn that there are only seven.


Driving in Canada

Winter Comes to the City

Today's the day Winter driving started in Edmonton. Hang on to your window scrapers everyone. This c...



Top Issues Facing Autonomous Driving

TU Automotive Detroit 2016 will bring together big thinkers from across the auto manufacturing space...


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Who sourced the finance for your current vehicle?

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motorisIQ arrives on the scene at an exciting time of change in the automobile industry. Consumers have unprecedented access to information, and the marketplace is about to undergo a massive shift in how vehicles are manufactured and purchased.